Screen Recorder for Mac and Windows

Screen capture is used to record any image or video content from the screen in a professional manner. There are many software in the market to do a reliable screen capture with numerous features available. Techsmith is one of the high end screen capture and screen recorder software where there are products like snagit, camtasia, screencast, relay and more. Snagit lets you to take snapshot of anything on your screen which has built-in image editing and screen recording. By using this program, you can create high quality images and videos in one program. You can capture entire desktop, region, window or scrolling window with full set of editing tools. You can also edit screenshots or build custom graphics without requiring a designer and you can add images, videos to your email, training material or social media.

The screen capture can be done for entire desktop, a region, window or scrolling window. It is also simple to grab vertical or horizontal, infinitely scrolling web page, long chat message and more. Get text from screen capture or file and quickly paste it into another document or file. Screen recording can be done in a manner and you can add audio in your video from microphone or computer system audio. You can use also switch between the webcam and screen recording while capturing a video and remove any unwanted section from the video whether it is from the beginning, middle or end of the video. In image editing, you can add notes to the captured video and add professionalism to your screenshot with many pre-made styles. You can also hide or mask sensitive information from the image or video whether it may be user name, password, phone number and account number while sharing it publicly. You can also make objects in the screen capture movable and also rearrange buttons, delete text or edit any other elements in the screenshot. Personalize the images with screenshot that is specifically designed for screenshots. You can find all the past capture from the library without wasting time and also resize the image to the correct size.

Snagit 2019 Intro

Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editor for Mac and Windows to get professional looking videos and record anything on your whole screen. It makes the editing easy and it has tools to split clips, trim, speed up or slow down the footage. This screen recorder is used for various purpose like training & tutorial, marketing & demos, presentation and education. In training & tutorial, you can bring viewer's attention and you can record mouse movement as well as show the keystorke. Marketing and demos makes you to create videos to impress customer and also add music to the video. In presentation, transform power point slides and webinar recording into a compelling video where there is drop in power point, add multimedia and webcam recording. It is also used education where you can improve your skill with video and also track result of the student. Screencast is a easy way to organize and share context from snagit or camtasia. You can upload snagit screen capture to screencast and then share it as well as publish it with exact size and format. Get techsmith snagit or camtasia discount coupon at and save up to $125.


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