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Best Screen Capture Software for Windows

The screen recording is a way to do digital recording of computer screen output as well as it is known as video screen capture. You can do screen capture for all part or any part of the screen for platforms like Microsoft Windows or Mac. The screen capture can also be done on mobile device and tablets. With a screen capture software, you can directly do the capture from the desktop and also do audio recording from the computer. You can record webinar, games, skype videos in HD and many more in a quick manner. There is also option to save the screenshot in various format. There is also many features like area selection, drawing panel, add watermark, add webcam, zoom in while recording, trim recording, audio setting, screenshot to url and more. Screen capture lets you to create visual database and also easily find old iteration and feedback by browsing through the history. There are many brands like Camtasia, Snagit, Smartpixel and more with different features available.
Camtasia is a…