Best Screen Capture Software for Windows

The screen recording is a way to do digital recording of computer screen output as well as it is known as video screen capture. You can do screen capture for all part or any part of the screen for platforms like Microsoft Windows or Mac. The screen capture can also be done on mobile device and tablets. With a screen capture software, you can directly do the capture from the desktop and also do audio recording from the computer. You can record webinar, games, skype videos in HD and many more in a quick manner. There is also option to save the screenshot in various format. There is also many features like area selection, drawing panel, add watermark, add webcam, zoom in while recording, trim recording, audio setting, screenshot to url and more. Screen capture lets you to create visual database and also easily find old iteration and feedback by browsing through the history. There are many brands like Camtasia, Snagit, Smartpixel and more with different features available.
Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editor software for creating a professional looking videos. Record anything like window, add video, images, audio and powerpoint presentation. You can also do editing where you can combine clips, split clips, trim, speed up or slow down footage. The captured videos can be given many polish with video editor effects and also add highlights, animation, titles, transition and more. You can also drag and drop elements onto the timeline and the screen capture is used in many fields like training and tutorial, marketing and demos, presentation and education. In training and tutorial, you can bring viewers attention throughout the video and also record mouse movement by making cursor larger, animate clicks and add a highlight to make mouse movement easier to track. Show keystroke on screen to make it easy for the users and also add notes and annotation to drag in notes, caption, shapes and highlights. Coming to marketing and demos, create videos that impress your customer and camtasia is the perfect video editor for youtube, vimeo, google drive and more. Drag and drop video editor can be where every effect and element in your video can be dropped and edited directly in the preview window. The motion graphics layers intro and outro sequence with title animation to create engagement throughout all your video. You can also use music to set the mood of your video. Whereas in presentation, transform PowerPoint slides and webinar into a professional video. Add multimedia files to your screen recording for a effective communication over message. In education, create engaging video lesson and also improve the skill by learning with video. You can also track results by seeing who is interacting with the video.

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Snagit is a powerful and top screen capture software for creating images and videos. Capture anything on the screen whether it is entire desktop, region, window or scrolling window. It is the only screen capture software that has built-in advanced image editing and screen recording for creating high quality images and videos. If you find hard to communicate effectively then you can comment over screenshot with arrows, shapes and callout. You can give a more engaging result by adding quality screenshot, custom graphic or screen recording. Edit screenshoots or build custom graphics without requiring a designer for your work. Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video and also use the recorder to add personal touch with teammates or client. You can also include audio in your videos from either microphone or from computer system audio. Create animated GIF by turning any short recording into an animated GIF and to add it website, document and chat. You can also remove unwanted section from your screen recording and also cut any section at the begging, middle and end of the video. Record iOS screen with few taps and also share it with others.
With image editing, you can annotate screen grabs with professional markup tool and add personality and professionalism to your screen shot with numerous pre-made styles available. Quickly document steps and workflows with a series of number or letters that automatically increase. You can also hide or mask sensitive information in an image and also take out information like account number, addresses and other sensitive information that you share publicly. Automatically make screen capture in your screen movable as well as rearrange button, delete text or rearrange other element. There is also option to personalize your images with stickers which is designed for screen shot and also get latest stamps from snagit. The screen capture are automatically saved to the library and the tag capture keeps your project organized. Resize image to the correct size and right down to the pixel as well as use the resize option to get new dimension to scale the size of the image.

Screencast is a simple and reliable way to organize and share content from snagit as well as camtasia. It is a online hosting service that allows you to share video, screen capture and multimedia content with others. You can upload snagit screen capture to screencast in a single click and then share your images and videos by the link screencast that creates automatically. After you have done creating in the video editor, publish your content to screencast in the exact size and format you need. There are many subscription plan to store the content.
Smartpixel software is the reliable screen capture software for Windows that can do screen recording and editing tool that is 2 in 1 program to help people to easily upload in youtube. It has D3D recording technology that is compatible with all PC and mobile games. This product has rich video editing feature that could help people to create professional videos in 1080p with less consumption and low disk usage. The area mode helps to capture specific part of the screen and PIP mode helps to record webcam videos. Record setting panel lets you to adjust the resolution, frame rates and brightness for better video quality. Smartpixel video editor lets you to do video editing feature where you can merge, clip or split your videos in minutes. You can also insert subtitle, text effect, filter, background music, audio clips and dubbing for your videos. After the video editing is completed, the video clip can be exported with with FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV and other general formats. If you are a video gamer you can upload and share your videos directly through smartpixel. For singers and karoke lover, smartpixel is the ideal music video tool to create personalized music video.

Ice cream screen recorder lets you to record any part of the screen and do screen capture in a easy manner. You can make professional looking videos of webinar, games and skype conversation. It has complete set of tools and also do professional screen capture with audio. This products has features like area selection, drawing panel, add watermark, add webcam, video quality, zoom in while recording, trim recording and more. The area selection lets you to select the area that you want to do screen capture or a make video of single click. Drawing panel lets you to draw, outline and add arrows or text while doing screen capture as well as add watermark to your own screen capture. You can also record web cam video along with the screen recording and also select the screen recorder's output video quality. When you do screen recording select the size of region around mouse cursor to record and also zoom in while you do screen recording. Trim recording lets you to take out unnecessary parts in the beginning, middle and end of the video. There is also many useful features like convert, audio setting, clipboard, hotkeys, scheduled screen recording and more. The convert lets you to change the format of recorded videos later and also change the volume of your microphone and system sounds. You can save screenshots to the clipboard and share them by skype or email instantly and the scheduled screen recording lets you to set multiple screen capture task on timer. Project history shows all the captured videos and screenshots for easy access. Ice cream screen recorder is available for Windows and Mac.

Tiny Take is a another best screen capture software for Windows and Mac where you can do fast screen capture and record videos to share it. It has features like record video using webcam, capture a region, a window or entire screen, copy to clipboard, store screenshots and videos in the cloud, share a link to the to the stored screen shot & video, zoom in/zoom out and assign custom short keys. Capture and annotate videos to draw attention on the captured videos and also move annotation the video frame to point a video. All the video annotation are saved locally as project and also reopen from main window to re-annotate. You can also share your captured work to anyone. There is inbuilt viewer for standard file type where you can view image, play videos, read office document and PDFs directly in the browser with no additional software required. Inbuilt online file viewer lets you to view any type of document, play audio and music or videos. Tiny take comes with video player which is optimized to work efficiently on mobile device and also streams large files to give seamless and faster experience. Tiny Take screen recorder is integrated with youtube where you can directly upload video captures to youtube. It lets you to access all your uploaded and shared screen capture as well as recorded videos anywhere from the web. The tiny take comes with an online user portal that maintains your full captured and shared history in the cloud. Quick online feature filter out the multimedia and other files. Bulk file sharing feature lets you to share files with anyone and it is the quickest way to share your files.

Screencast-O-Matic is a video recording and editing software for creating screencast videos which is fast and easy to use. Do recording from the screen as well as webcam to professional screen capture. Create your videos with tools like zoom, add text, images, automated captioning and more. You can also share and manage videos and get ad free uploads and collaboration tools by upgrading to cloud hosting. From the paid version you can eliminate water marks, recording of computer audio that gives access to editing tool along with the ability to publish video to google drive and dropbox. Keep your recording in a safe and secure backup that is located off your computer and also restore the recording on a different computer with AES-256 encryption. It is used in various field like education, marketing, education, business, demo and more. In education you can show the captured video for teaching about a particular topic and you can learn by watching the video. It also used in business where you can save time and streamline business. You can create videos, mange content and share the rest with team. Do mix and match recording with imported audio and video files. With automated and interactive captioning to support accessibility. There is also option to show or hide the webcam or cursor and also integrate the work into training, communication and support system. Video management and sharing tool lets you to share videos in topical channel viewed as playlist. You can also share with links or embed codes with quick sharing on social network and also customize the video player for audience. Screencast-O-Matic provides E2E screen recording solution for developers where solution builder can utilized for simple integration into an existing workflow. It can be used as marketing automation platform for demos and video email. Whereas for developer, Screencast-O-Matic provides application with full functionality and integration.


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